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Athens Taxi Driver
Athens Taxi
I am Dimitris Yioutsos, I was born and raised in Athens and still live here with my family. I have studied electronic technician. I can speak English and I own the ‘’Athens Taxi Driver’’. My enterprise provides taxi services in the city of Athens for people who book in advance and are searching for quality, comfort, punctuality and safety for their personal, family and business transportation.
My activities as a professional taxi driver in Athens started in 1991. At the beginning of my career, I was an ordinary taxi driver. I worked hard and tried to provide the best service I could. As time passed, I created my own list of clients. My most important clients have been ordinary citizens, professionals, travel agents, shipping companies and various organizations, with whom I have created trust, reliability and confidence.
Having as assets my experience and my respect for my clients, I provide high quality services trying to achieve a unique and everlasting niche in their minds. Trying to achieve my goals, I pay attention both to my manners and my appearance, and to the condition of my taxi. I am willing to assist and provide every possible support concerning your transportation and I can be wherever you need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
So, if you are searching for your private driver in Athens, you are in the right place. Make your decision and enjoy services exactly as you deserve them. I provide taxi services in Athens, Piraeus and the suburbs, as well as to/from Athens airport, to the ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio and all over Greece. Furthermore, you can enjoy taxi driver services for your guided tours on your excursions to the most popular destinations I recommend, or to places of your choice all over Greece.
Feel free to contact me for quotes and further information. I will inform you promptly about the rates and the availability.
Athens By Taxi
This service is aimed at those who visit Athens for a few hours or days. It is the easiest and most popular way to take a ride in our comfortable, reliable and safe vehicle that you choose depending on the number of people and the level of service.  You can use our service even for professional reasons so as to secure time punctuality.  I commit myself to pick you up from your hotel, from the airport or from the Athens port of Piraeus and offer you a guided tour to Athens with my taxi passing you by archaeological sites, museums, the market or even in places you can enjoy coffee, drink or meal.   I can recommend   popular destinations and together we can form the ideal program for you depending on your interests and the time you have at your disposal.  For more information about this service you can visti our page TRANSFERS.
Athens Day Tours
One of my basic services is my tour in Athens. Together we will turn back time to travel to the Acropolis, Plaka, Ancient Agora, and all the famous places in the city. With admiration for history and respect to you that you dream to visit them.  With our luxury car, in a comfortable, clean and safe environment, we will lead you along the paths of history, unraveling every corner of the ancient and modern city. A city that I know it very well, because I was born here, grew up and studied. The way I treat my clients, highlights the friendliness, warmth and all known Greek hospitality.  Further to my teeming mood, professionalism and love for my work, I promise to provide all possible assistance to you, so that your experience will be special and unique. The services we provide are private and has nothing to do with  large bus groups programs.  Our one  adapts to you and we are always at your disposal to advise on how to form the best tailor-made program for you on the time available.
Day Trips From Athens

For over 20 years we offer the most interesting and exciting tours to the most popular destinations. My experience and love for my work which is a good reason to opt for private tours outside the capital. Together we can organize the trip you are interested in starting to Athens and to any destination in mainland Greece. In every town and village, in every tourist destination such as Ancient Corinth, Mycenae and Epidaurus. Starting our journey from Athens to Delphi and Meteora. And even further north in Amphipolis, Vergina and Pella. And all of them always with a suitable vehicle that you think will meet your needs depending on the number of people you want to transfer, taxi, minivan or bus. My goal is not only to be enchanted by the beauty of our country, but also to travel effortlessly and safely. You will be satisfied at all levels of my services otherwise you can redeem your money in the best way. We offer you and your family the most appropriate, recognized and high quality services at very low prices.  In the DAY TOURS page you can see my suggestions with the most popular destinations,  which I have prepared for you with lots of diligence and imagination.
Athens Taxi Rates
The cost of each transportation has a different charge and it is shaped according to the type of services offered. The safest way to know exactly what you will pay for the trip you are interested in is booking in advance my taxi.  It is the only way to be served by the professional driver you have selected, to arrive at the time and location you want and pay the money you have agreed to. This is achieved only by contacting me. During our contact you will be informed about my services, their corresponding cost and availability. If you proceed with my taxi reservation you secure two things. The first is that you know that you hire a true professional driver with his own vehicle. The second is that no one can cheat you or ask for additional money for "hidden" charges. If you ask for extra services then and only then there will be an extra charge.  In each case you will know it from the outset. In RATES page you can find more detailed information about how to book in advance my taxi as well as the cost of the services you would like to enjoy.  Feel free to contact me for quotes and further information. I will inform you promptly about the rates and the availability.  For more information about our Athens taxi rates please visit our page RATES.
Dimitris Yioutsos
22, Vourvachi, Athens
P.O 11743
Τ: +30 6936255440
T: +30 6947904090
F: +30 2109825341
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