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Athens Taxi Driver
Athens Taxi Rates
There are 3 different ways to hire a taxi:
•    The first one is to hail a cab on the street which has taximeter rates.
•    The second one is to call a radio taxi service which has meter rates plus an extra charge per call.
•    The third one is to call your personal taxi which has a consistent and reliable driver.
The choice is yours based on your needs and requirements. In case you wish to hire my taxi process is simple and fast. I need name, cell phone, date, time, point of embarkation and point of disembarkation. Informing you of the cost and you confirm that you agree. In this simple way you complete your reservation. In case of cancellation no charge sufficient to request a reasonable time.

Also to book me, I do not need a credit card. I respect my clients and do not ask safeguards personal information.

SAFETY: The customer has the advantage to board a taxi of choice with professional guide and not a coincidence that probably leads illegally.

CONSISTENCY: The taxi is always exactly the time you need it. You do not wasting time searching for taxis in adverse weather conditions or waiting in a queue on the ice as the airport or port.

FIXED CHARGE: Customer having a taxi service from ATHENS TAXI DRIVER is given that has ensured this charge on the basis that they finally agreed and avoids the possibility of additional charges arising in many cases from some random taxi on the street.

Taxis in Athens have a pricelist by the state. Based on this pricelist, the taximeter is set up and operates in my taxi and so you get the appropriate charges for the trips or excursions to Athens and generally to Greece. A very important factor in charging each route is the distance. However, it is not the only one since the final charge can be increased and shaped by other factors such as the traffic, appointment / pre booking, waiting time, night charge, tolls, airport or port taxes, luggage, etc. So, that means a route by route has a different charge.
Also, there are some routes that based a standard charge by the state as follows:
Athens Airport to Athens 38 euro (day time)
Athens to Athens Airport 38 euro (day time)
Athens Airport to Athens 54 euro (night charge)
Athens to Athens Airport 54 euro (night charge)
But, all the above charges are exist only in case the transportation is From Athens Airport to Athens Center or From the Center of Athens to Airport. The area of the Center that the standard charging exists is named “dachtilios” which is meaning the “Ring” of Athens Center.
Also, the above standard charges are concerning Only the Free taxis from the Taxi line of the airport or the Free taxis that you will stop on the streets of the City Center.
Otherwise, if the pickup or drop off point is out of the Ring, you have to pay the charge by taximeter plus the extra as I have mentioned.
I understand that it is not easy to make a safe conclusion or to understand the cost of the routes you are interested in.
That’s why, I provide pre booked private transfers with a fixed charge in order to know exactly how much money you will pay without any extra or hidden charge. Do not hesitate to Contact me directly and I will let you know in detail about availability, prices, booking and payment way. I'm very sure the results will satisfy you perfectly.
Dimitris Yioutsos
13, Feakon, P. Faliro
P.O 11743
Τ: +30 6936255440
T: +30 6947904090
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