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Athens Taxi Driver
Athens Taxi
Welcome to “ATHENS TAXI DRIVER” website relating to passengers transportation by taxi in Athens or from Athens to any destination in Greece. Athens by TAXI, LIMOUSINE, MINIVAN or MINIBUS anytime 24/7.

My name is Dimitris Yioutsos, born and raised in Athens and I work as a professional licensed taxi driver since 1991. Come with me to guide you on the best taxi services in Athens with the guarantee of a recognized driver by thousands travelers all around the world.

ATHENS PRIVATE DRIVER, Your private English speaking driver always willing and smiling with gentle behavior in order to improve the conditions of the passenger’s transport. I work together with my group of excellent selected partners who they support my efforts. My services concerns business or leisure travelers. Single passengers, couples, families, friends or colleagues who want to stay together throughout the journey. I am addressing to individuals, companies, travel agencies, private schools or public organizations.

ATHENS TAXI TRANSFERS, I offer a big number of transportations In or Out of Athens city with different vehicles Mercedes in excellent condition and emphasis on cleanliness, reliability, comfort and safety.

ATHENS AIRPORT TAXI, Athens Airport pickups, welcome you by the best taxi driver with pleasure. Always on time and updated regarding delays or earlier arrivals and ready to help you with your luggage in order to transport to wherever you request. I take over transfers from Athens Airport to Athens City, Athens Airport to Piraeus Port, Rafina and Lavrio or to any destination throughout Greece.

PIRAEUS PORT TAXI, I offer pickups and transfers by taxi from the Port of Piraeus to Athens Airport or to any destination. Pickups from the main port, from Marina Zeas or Marina Athinon.

On the page TRANSFERS, I present you the most popular destinations based from Athens Airport or from the Port of Piraeus. Select the route you are interested to be informed accordingly.

You don't see your destination? On my website, I have included the most popular destinations. But, it doesn’t mean that I do only those trips. Through the CONTACT FORM you have to let me know exactly your destination or you can require a new trip in order providing you all the useful information about it.

ATHENS DAY TOURS, Private tours in Athens with your local knowledgeable driver. This is my passion. I LOVE to share with you the history of Greece. Day trips from Athens to Cape Sounion, Corinth, Argolis, Sparta, Ancient Olympia, Delphi, Meteora e.tc. On the page TOURS you will see my suggestions with the most popular destinations in Greece and itineraries for half a day, full day and multi day tours. Also, you will see extra ideas about the top Classical, Adventure, Religious Tours or Winter Destinations.

ATHENS TAXI CHARGES, Flat rates and reasonable charges. You know from the beginning exactly how much you pay, without extra or hidden charges. Big number of SPECIAL OFFERS.

PAYMENT WAYS, Payments by cash, credit card or via bank transfer with extra discounts and SPECIAL OFFERS accordingly the booking period and the payment way. See more on the page RATES.

ATHENS TAXI BOOKING, The booking is a very easy way without complex systems. Fill in your details in the “AVAILABILITY FORM” that is located beside of each transfer or tour and in a short time you will receive full information about availability, cost and payment methods in order to complete the booking. Otherwise, from the page CONTACT you have to send me your interest in the “CONTACT FORM” with all relevant information.
Visit the page RATES in order to see the ADVANTAGE OF PRE BOOKING

Athens By Taxi

Of course, there are many transportations ways to move in Athens. The city of Athens offers you several transportation systems by the State like the blue buses, blue yellow electric buses, tram, electrical train or metro. But, the most flexible and faster transportation is ATHENS TAXI DRIVER.

Athens by taxi is the easiest and most popular way to take a ride. This service is aimed at those who visit my city for business trips or vacations just for few hours or long visits. You have to use my comfortable and safe vehicles that you choose depending on the number of people and the level of service. You can use my service even for business reasons in order to secure time punctuality.

I undertake to pick you up from apartments, hotels, airport or the port of Piraeus and offer you a guided tour to Athens with my taxi, passing you by archaeological sites, museums, and the market place or even in places you can enjoy coffee, drink or meal. I can recommend popular destinations and together we can organize the ideal program for you, depending on your interests and the time you have at your disposal. For more information about this service you have to visit the pages TRANSFERS or TOURS.

How to Hire a Taxi in Athens? Basic, there are 3 different ways to hire a taxi:

I. Stop a cab on the street with a charge by taximeter plus the all extra may need it.
II. Call a radio taxi with a charge by taximeter plus an extra charge for the calling with all the rest extra may need it.
III. Hire a private taxi by a fix price without any extra or hidden charge but with a consistent and reliable driver. This is my working way in order to support you.
Of course, the choice is yours and based on your needs and requirements.

How to Hire a Minivan in Athens? How to Hire a Minibus in Athens? The only way to arrange this kind of vehicle is the pre booking. By the Greek law, the minivan taxi or the minibus can hire only with appointments and fixed prices. So, don’t try to find me free on the streets but you have to arrange my services as soon as possible in order to be available for you.Would you like to see the kind of my vehicles?

On the page SERVICES you will get an idea about my fleet and their capacity per car.

Why you have to trust “ATHENS TAXI DRIVER”? See HERE before you take a decision. There are many other queries that I have to cover for you in order to secure the level of my service. On the page F.A.Q you can take to take a look before you send me your request.

Athens Day Tours

I am lover of my city and very proud for my country. That’s why my basic service is the private tour in Athens. Together we will return back the time thousands of years until to nowadays with admiration and respect for the history of my birthplace. So, I would like to share with you my passion for the Capital of Greece and I will do it with pleasure. A trip back to the history while I guide you with my taxi to the Acropolis Hill, Plaka, Ancient Agora, Lycabetus Hill and all the rest highlights. I will lead you along the paths of history, unraveling every corner of the ancient and modern city. A city that I know it very well, because I was born here, grew up and studied.

The way that I treat my clients, friendliness, warmth and the famous Greek hospitality is my way. Further to my teeming mood, professionalism and love for my work, I promise to provide all possible assistance to you, so that your experience will be special and unique. The services we provide are private and have nothing to do with large bus groups and share programs or charges. So, I am always at your disposal to advice on how to form the best tailor-made program for you on the time available.

On the page ATHENS SIGHTSEEING you will see my schedule for Half a Day Tour of Athens. On the page ATHENS TOURS you will see the schedule for the full day.

Day Trips from Athens

Moreover, for more than 26 years I offer the most interesting and exciting tours to the most popular destinations of Greece. My experience is a good reason to organize the trip you are interested in starting from Athens and to any destination in the mainland Greece. Some of the Top Tourist Greek Destinations like Corinth, Mycenae, Nafplio, Epidaurus, Sparta, Ancient Olympia, Delphi and Meteora of the north, even further north to Amphipolis, Vergina and Pella.

All of them always with a suitable vehicle that you think will meet your needs depending on the number of people you want to transfer, taxi, minivan or bus. My goal is not only to be enchanted by the beauty of our country, but to travel effortlessly and safely. You will be satisfied at all levels of my services and you can redeem your money in the best way. I offer for you, family and friends the most appropriate, recognized and high quality services at very low prices.

On the page TOURS you can see my suggestions with the most popular destinations, which I have prepared for you with lots of diligence and imagination..

Athens Taxi Rates

The charge is shaped according to the kind of services that I will offer you. There are different charges depend on the transportation, the tour and the type of the vehicle.Of course, important role in the charging has the distance that we have to cover, the driving time and a number of other extras like the tolls that grows the final amount. So, it does mean a route by route has a different charge.
I understand that it’s not easy to make a safe conclusion or to understand the cost of the routes you are interested in. There are some applications or websites to provide you charges but they are not right programming and they show you rates much more less than normal because they cannot calculate the extra parameters.

Also, there are some trips with flat rates by the State only from Athens airport to Athens Center or from Athens Center to Airport. But, what about the rest transfers or tours? The pre booking system is the most fair and infallibility and what I provide too.
Pre booked private transfers by taxi, minivan or minibus with a fixed charge customized on you. With this way you know exactly how much money you pay before you will complete the reservation.

How you will pre book my taxi, minivan or minibus? Each page of TRANSFERS and TOURS has an “AVAILABILITY FORM” on the right side. Fill in your details to get my response. For extra quotes and further information feel free to CONTACT me. I will inform you promptly about availability, rates and payment way. If you will accept my offer, you will go ahead to pre book my services.

Would you like to know my PRICE LIST? On the page RATES you will see all the flat rates by the State from Athens airport, my Price list and Advantage of Pre Booking.

Dimitris Yioutsos
13, Feakon, P. Faliro
P.O 17563
Τ: +30 6936255440
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