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Athens Taxi Driver
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Athens Private Tours

Athens Private Tours offers an unforgettable experience. Athens of Greece is the favorite place of millions travelers every year. Ι am here to make your dreams come true and to enable you to enjoy unimaginable journeys. Starting from Athens, you can travel back in mythology and history. You can have the chance to visit places where civilization, arts and sciences flourished. You can visit the hills where ancient Greek philosophers taught the immortal spirit. You can smell the scent coming from the holy Hellenic ground and you can walk on the rocks which reveal the battles that the Greeks fought in order to establish democracy and freedom. You can visit the places where heroes lived, and feel the power, the glory and the wealth of ancient Greek cities.
I can offer you Private Athens Tours to visit all the Highlights of Athens, the capital of Greece. Moreover, I can take responsibility for your Day Trips from Athens to all over Greece with or without a professional licensed tour guide. I can also stay with you during your tours and recommend half day or full day tours, even multiple tours, to different destinations so you can visit as many interesting places as possible. There are tour programs addressing every budget. I recommend the most popular and attractive destinations. Having the city of Athens as our starting point, we can travel to the best places in Greece without getting tired and without paying a fortune. On this page, you can see all of my services related to selected destinations, with rich analytical content and a separate “CHECK AVAILABILITY" Form for direct contact with me if you want to know more, as well as the corresponding charges. On the page CLASSICAL GREECE TOUR you will have the chance to see a basic plan of 5 Days in Greece in order to visit popular GREECE TOP ATTRACTIONS in few days.
In brief, in Attica, the Athens city differs from other cities of ancient Greece. Find out your customized Athens Half Day Tour on the page ATHENS SIGHTSEEING or for the fans of full day tours in Athens you have to visit the page ATHENS TOURS. Outside the city centre, there is the CAPE SOUNION, Marathon and Elefsina, which are archaeological sites of great interest.
Travelling south, Peloponnese peninsula is definitely a Top Destination, that’s why I offer the ARGOLIS TOUR where we visit some of the most famous cities of Ancient Greece, such as CORINTH, MYCENAE, EPIDAURUS, and NAFPLIO. At the centre of Peloponnese we find the famous city of Sparta, the castle town of Mystras and the castle town of Monemvasia. On the west side, the Ancient Olympia is located, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. On the page ARGOLIS OLYMPIA TOUR you can see the proposed program.
Travelling to the central and northern part of Greece, you can visit Delphi. The full day trips from Athens to Delphi are a very popular for thousands of visitors daily. On page DELPHI TOUR you can see my program in detail. Also, Vergina and Pella are very interesting tourist destinations. For religious reasons, the most famous monasteries in Greece is Meteora and Mt Athos, where Agion Oros is located. Meteora is a place of incredible wildlife beauty with excellent examples of what man can do with faith as his only weapon. On page DELPHI METEORA TOUR you can view my proposal. On page CHRISTIAN TOURS GREECE you can find additional religious destinations and famous monasteries in Greece.
Of course, I would like to bring you closer to the Greek culture and the beauty of the place. So, I present to you other types of tours that combine several options. For this reason, I have included adventure tours on the page GREECE ADVENTURE TOURS, while I could not omit popular winter destinations and ski resorts for fans of winter sports. Find them on the page GREECE WITNTER HOLIDAYS.
All these places are of great historical interest, having a huge number of sights, findings and buildings, which are part of our worldwide heritage. On GREECE TOP ATTRACTIONS list you can see only specific destinations.
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