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Athens to Olympia? Taxi from Athens to Olympia? You are at the right point!
Taxi from Athens to Olympia with experienced driver. Safe transports of passengers by TAXI, MINIVAN, or MINIBUS, for a trip that will make you feel wonderful and comfortable with our luxurious vehicles at affordable prices.
Athens Airport to Olympia by car for all those who combine their travel by airplane with ground transportation. I am always in time at the airport waiting in the arrival area of Athens Airport, to help you with your luggage and then get started for your destination.
Traveling from Athens to Olympia, we drive along the Saronic Gulf, enjoying the blue view of the Aegean Sea reaching the Isthmus of Corinth. There, we will take a few minutes to admire the beauty of the Corinth Canal that connects the Aegean with the Ionian in a distinct way. Continuing our journey we will also drive along from the Corinthian Gulf, having as view the mountains of Achaia and on the opposite side the Parnassus and the mountainous Nafpaktia. In a distance of approximately one hour from our passage, Kalavrita is located, a place with rich history and a special winter destination with a ski resort. The quality of the new road that connects Athens with Patras offers real security and relaxation in the hands of an experienced driver. Even when we pass to the villages to the province of Elis, you will be fascinated by the beauty of nature.
The trip from Athens to Olympia will be completed in about 3.5 hours to reach the historic place where the Olympic Games were born in honor of the Olympian Zeus and took place every 4 years. It’s a special and important religious site for the ancient Greeks from the 10th century BC. This is a place where politicians, philosophers and artists would gather from ancient times to the present day. The significance of the ceremony is shown by the well-known "truce", which was the ceasing of all conflicts in Greece. It’s an area of outstanding architectural monuments and thousands of finds that testify and prove the importance of the area. The route can be combined with a visit to various archaeological sites, such as Ancient Corinth. For tourists, I suggest organizing your trip in 2 days with an overnight stay in Ancient Olympia so that you have the proper amount of time to enjoy the visit and return safely. And not only that…! It will be my pleasure to organize your tour by combining an excursion to OLYMPIA TO DELPHI 2 DAYS TRIP, or even expanding your tour by adding other classic destinations.
General information about the cost you can see in the page RATES. Do you want to know exactly the charge? Do not hesitate to fill in the Availability Form with all the necessary details and you will immediately receive my answer for availability and charges of interest.
BENEFITS: The trip from Athens to Olympia Athens Airport to Olympia is private and customized on your time frame, activity level and interests.
MEETING POINT: It is the arrival hall area of Athens Airport or wherever in Athens city. The disembarkation points are Hotels, Apartments or wherever it is convenient for the guests. The trip is combined with return transfers.
DURATION: Basically is 3,5 hours approximately.
INCLUDING: The trip from Athens Airport to Olympia includes English speaking driver by Taxi, Minivan or Minibus. Moreover, gas, tolls, airport taxes and insurance for the passengers. The vehicle depends on the number of the passengers, the number of the luggage or requested by you.
NOT INCLUDED: Food and drinks.
OPTIONAL: Extra time or return trip is able if requested.
PAYMENT METHODS: Able to pay with 3 different ways: by cash, bank account or credit card.
SEASON OFFERS: Special discount provided on the page SPECIAL OFFERS
EXTRA NOTES: No extra comments
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