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Athens Taxi Driver


    • In this chapter, I am providing answers for the most common asked questions regarding the services provided to all visitors or potential clients. If any of your inquiries are not clearly answered, please feel free to ask me personally and you will receive an answer immediately.
    • Why I must to trust ATHENS TAXI DRIVER ?
      I have an official business license and taxi driver license that is certified by the state. No pirated vehicles without license, insurance or unknown foreign drivers.
      Experience, knowledge and skill. Professional development through several years in passenger services.
      Consistency and programming. I am always at the right time in the right place. Professionalism and discipline in my obligations to your requirements in compliance with reverence your schedule.
      Reliability and absolute loyalty to do what I promised without discounting my quality. Stable high-level services without any deterioration over time.
      Safety driving, protection and avoiding risks with high quality vehicles and experienced professional driver.
      Professional recognition by passengers and colleagues that is recorded through their reviews.
    • Is it easy to find a taxi in Athens and how much does it cost?
      You will be able to find a taxi in Athens and eventually reach your destination. I cannot unfortunately guarantee the level of quality of services you will receive. The charge of the ride is calculated according to the taxi meter and the fares are stipulated by the Ministry of Transportation.
    • What does the price that you quoted for my ride include?
      The fares of the rides that I give you include the prehiring of the vehicle in order to be available at the time of your appointment as well as the distance, the duration, the waiting time, the fuel etc.
    • How do I know that my ride is confirmed?
      All the rides should be mutually accepted and confirmed by both you and myself.
    • How soon in advance do I have to book a ride?
      If you are planning to prehire me you should do it as soon as possible.
    • If we are three persons do we pay anything extra?
      The fares are calculated per ride and per vehicle and not per person. There will not be any extra charges as in tolls etc.
    • Is there an extra charge if I have a lot of suitcases?
      No, there is no extra charge as far as they all fit in one vehicle. Feel free to inform me in detail about the size and quantity of your baggage as we might need a second vehicle in case they exceed the available physical space.
    • Is there a fee in case i change the date and/or time of my arrangements?
      No, there is no fee for alternating your plans and arrangements as far as I am duly informed. Communication in advance is essential and I am willing and flexible to adjust my schedule to be able to accommodate your revised itinerary.
    • I would like to prehire you for my transportation from the port of Piraeus to my hotel in Athens and the next day for a day trip to the archaeological site of Delphi. Do I have to give you an advance?
      Here is no need to pay me in advance. It is perfectly fine to pay me at the completion of each ride or trip.
    • Is tip included in the prices? Is tip obligatory?
      No. Tip is not included and it is not obligatory. Should you feel that the quality of services you received deserve an extra reward I would gladly accept whatever tip you consider appropriate.
    • Do you work every day? What happens if you are booked or do not work the day or time that I need you?
      I am generally available 24/7. If for any reason I'm not available to provide my services the date or time that you require I will able to accommodate your requests by assigning one of my closest associates.
    • What kind of documentation should I bring with me for our appointment?
      It would be beneficial for both of us to carry a copy of our correspondence in order to be "on the same page" regarding all aspects of our scheduled transportation.
    • Should I be worried if my flight is delayed or cancelled? What happens if I lose my flight?
      You should not be worried. I constantly monitor the ETA of your flight in order to be there the appropriate time. In case you miss your flight I would greatly appreciate it, if you inform me accordingly by a phone call as soon as possible.
    • We are thinking to have dinner in a nice restaurant. Do you have a recommendation?
      If you would like my advice or my recommendation for any reservations regarding dining, hotels or even travel arrangements I would gladly provide any assistance possible.
    • Do you smoke in your taxi?
      I'm not a smoker and smoking is not allowed inside a taxi vehicle by Greek Law.
    • Is the schedule of the available tours flexible? Can we modify it in order to see the view of the city of Athens for the Lycabetus Hill e.g.?
      The preferences of every guest are different. I do suggest a number of points of interest but I'm flexible to modify your tour according to what you believe is most interesting. With your guidance we will be able to make the most out of your tour.
    • Are you going to guide us inside the archaeological sites?
      I am a professional Athens Taxi Tour and I can make you a pleasure Athens Guided Tour. But I’m not a licensed tour guide. Therefore I'm not allowed to officially guide you through any archaeological sites. If you are interested to have a licensed Athens Tour Guide with you I can recommend the best you can find in Athens and they will be able to accompany you in every site.
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