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Ancient Corinth was an important city-state. It controlled an area of strategic importance and bordered equally important city-states of the ancient Peloponnese. The central city was built at the foot of Acrocorinth and controlled other smaller towns in the surrounding area. It has been inhabited since the Neolithic years (5000-3000 BC). Originally inhabited by Ionians who were later displaced by Dorians making the beginning of the aristocratic regime. Its glory developed in both the classical and the Roman period while we have references to the city from Mythology and the Bronze Age. Later, Homer reports on Corinth's involvement in the Trojan War.
It had the commercial ports of Lechaion (or Lechaeum) and Kechries and controlled the key position of the Isthmus which was the most important commercial hub of the ancient world. It was considered the richest city in the ancient world and a major enemy of the Athenians. During the Peloponnesian War he did not hesitate to ally with the Spartans for the fall of Athens. The commercial and cultural development of ancient Corinth is clearly reflected in the creation of other subsidiary cities and relocation to southern Italy and the Mediterranean.For the same reasons it was a target of the Roman Empire where it initially destroyed it completely and rebuilt it to its own standards.
For the same reason Corinth was the place where the Apostle Paul spent an important part of his life trying to teach the inhabitants of the city the words of Christ, rightly believing that the Greeks are the right people to build the basic values of Christianity where it was new religion at that time. In fact, when he left, he wrote two letters to the Corinthians talking about the necessary turn of man towards a new way of life, based on love for his fellow man.
Technological achievement of ancient Corinth was the trireme warship with which the Greeks dominated the Mediterranean seas. The opening of the Isthmus of Corinth was an ambitious plan that began in the 9th century BC. but was completed by the new Greek state in the late 19th century. The excavations continue to this day and brought to light many top monuments such as the Temple of Apollo, the Step, public buildings, the ancient market, shops, fountains, galleries, baths, etc. The museum of Corinth houses treasures of immense value from marble, clay, gold, silver, copper, etc. It is worth noting that the visitor should not miss the visit to the Acropolis of Corinth which was the most important fortification project in the area.
Of course, it is worth it and you should visit Corinth. On the CORINTH TOUR and ARGOLIS TOUR page you will find more information and how you can combine visits to other top tourist destinations.
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