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22 / 02 / 2021

Adventure Greece

Adventure and Sport Activities in GreeceGreece welcomes travelers all year round. From the very moment one finds themself in mainland Greece, the options and challenges are incalculable. You will find yourself before beautiful natural landscapes with mountains and gorges, lakes and rivers with waterfalls, sites of global heritage and top-tier museums with unique treasures of limitless value, churches and monasteries as modern successors of the Byzantine tradition, picturesque villages and traditional settlements with stone paths and an extraordinary cuisine with delicious delicacies, cheeses, salads, pies and unprecedented award-winning wines waiting for you to enjoy.
Hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, climbing, winter skiing, canoe kayak, rafting, paragliding ... Whatever sport is to your liking, you will have fun doing it as you discover what the meaning of Greece really is.
Traveling by car is an excellent choice for the traveler to get in touch with the beauty of the Greek landscape. The national road network has countless roads in the countryside that lead to unique routes for one to enjoy while looking at the unimaginable landscapes of the Greek countryside. As you drift away from the big cities, you have the ability to choose from a wide range of trips. With local experienced guides being at your disposal for assistance you will live a one-in-a-million experience. We have selected some destinations exclusively for you. Why not see our suggestions and make decisions according to your preferences?
In the area of Attica, we will initially highlight Ymittos where a rich natural environment next to the city center we will gaze at amazing views doing trekking, cycling or hiking. On the other side of Athens is Parnitha, the largest mountain in Attica, which is quite remoted from the city center. It is a top-on-the-list destination for Athenian excursions, a place of rich flora and fauna. At the base of the mountain next to Tatoi we will go cycling or hiking, in Metochi we can go trekking, on the east side, in the area of Fili we will engage in climbing and when we reach the top of Parnitha we will enjoy the wonderful view by parachuting.
For accommodation we choose the center of Athens and combine it with a tour of the top TOURIST SIGHTS OF ATHENS. For night entertainment and sea swimming in urban areas we choose the ATHENS RIVIERA. Do not forget to visit CAPE SOUNION to enjoy the captivating sunset.
The tour of the Peloponnese is of high interest. Nature is at its most with the rivers and the vast forests, with great archeological sites, the Byzantine monasteries with picturesque mountain settlements and the endless beaches. The Peloponnese is a unique destination with die-hard friends. We will briefly refer to the historical area of Gortynia. In the famous Mainalos, either hiking or mountaineering we will have a tour around one of the few verified paths that Europe has in the fir trees. Mainalos is a popular winter destination in southern Greece for its winter ski slopes. In the Lucius river and in the gorge of the Alpheus river we will do Rafting, same goes for Ladonas that shares the name of the lake that it flows into. In Nymfasia we will do archery. For accommodation and relaxation, we will go with the traditional-picturesque villages of Vytina, Stemnitsa and Dimitsana where we will knock on the door of the monastery of Timios Prodromos for a religious pilgrimage. In Nafplio we will do a sea kayak next to Bourtzi and the castle of Akronafplia. For water baths and sports we will choose the beach Karouta and Caiaphas in Ilia or Voidokilia in Messinia. In Laconia we will go up for a tour of Taygetos which is intertwined with ancient Greece.
In Kalavrita we will tour around the countryside with a local train, the well-known "Odontoto" and we will walk up for a snowfight in the ski center of Helmos. While in Sparta we will drive around the ancient city and revive the history in the medieval castle city of Mystras and Monemvasia. Under no circumstances can we miss informing you about the top archaeological tourist destinations in Peloponnese, some of which are Ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Olympia and of course the top monument, the temple of Apollo Epicurus in Basses. All destinations can be combined according to your interest.
Epirus and Thessaly are top destinations for the whole Europe offering protected forests and wildlife refuges, valuable natural treasures for the environmental balance of the planet. Nature is filled with the ever-changing colors and landscapes. In the mountains of Ioannina, we will single out the eminent Zagorohoria where we will be wowed by the landscape and the traditional architecture of the villages of Mikro Papigo and Megalo Papigo. For mountaineering or horseback riding we choose the area around the gorge of Vikos while in the river Voidomatis we will do rafting and hiking on the arched bridges of Kokkoros, Plakida or Klidonia near Konitsa. In the picturesque villages of Mikro Papigo and Megalo Papigo we will wander around the cobbled streets for traditional food and tsipouro.
For accommodation we will choose Aristi or Metsovo. Both areas are widely known for their cheese-making and traditional cuisine. Religious pilgrimage to the monasteries of Meteora, where an inconceivable geological phenomenon turns a sunset into a breathtaking view. The mountains of Meteora are suitable for those that appreciate climbing and hiking. Winter skiing will be offered by Vasilitsa or Pertouli in Elati while the traditional villages of Tzoumerka are ideal for horseback riding.Never should we forget to have a walk on the lake of Ioannina that will offer us a tour of the island of Kyra. In the area of Magnesia, we will have a train tour in Milies, Pelion where the traditional villages take off the landscape. We suggest exploring Tsagarada, enjoying its canyons with crystal clear waters, Canyoning or doing sea kayaking in isolated areas with exotic beaches such as Fakistra and Mylopotamos. We cannot miss mentioning that by going down further towards the south we will have the opportunity to tour the incredible archeological site of Delphi, which according to mythology was the center of the world, and we will meet the famous oracle of the god Apollo.
If you wish to participate in a journey of adventure, there is a chance that we could offer you what you want. We, in collaboration with organized associations, arrange your transportation with our own vehicles. Safe driving for our passengers and love for nature will definitely offer you the best quality experiences.
Visit our GREECE ADVENTURE TOUR page to see our suggestions and. By filling in the availability form you will be sent a complete offer according to your needs. Discover Greece, it’s waiting!!!
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