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NEWS >  Alimos Marina
25 / 03 / 2022

Alimos Marina

Alimos, formerly known as "Kalamaki", is one of the southern suburbs of Attica, known for its beaches, marina and the good quality of life it offers to its inhabitants. It was a special part of the life of the wealthy Athenians of the last century as a popular holiday place. It shows great housing development in the 70's as wealthy Athenians are active building cottages and hotels bringing rapid growth in the surrounding area that is reflected to this day. Not coincidentally, next to it was the old airport of Athens until 2001 where it was transferred to Spata.
The name Alimos probably comes from the Homeric word "als" which means sea or grain of salt. According to another interpretation, the name comes from a shrubby plant that grows on coastal soils. It is the homeland of the greatest historian of antiquity Thucydides and is one of the first municipalities of ancient Athens. Legends and Traditions have accompanied for centuries the history of the area that has always been a point of interest with important references dating back to the Homeric years.
Excavations in Alimos and the surrounding area revealed settlements dating back to prehistoric times and early Helladic houses dating back to around 2,300 BC. Very important findings were the ceramic utensils, pottery, jewelry, tools and weapons of the obsidian era where they led the scientists to the conclusion that there were inhabitants who came from the Cyclades. In the necropolis of the area, built family tombs were discovered where they contained various valuable objects that accompanied the deceased.
The historic Marina of Alimos is undoubtedly the top destination of the southern suburbs. The largest marina in the Balkans and one of the most popular marinas in the eastern Mediterranean. A special attraction for lovers of the sea and yachting with services that successfully ensure every traveler a pleasant experience in a safe environment for boats. The strategic location of the marina is obviously of utmost importance as it is located near the center of Athens, the port of Piraeus and at a distance of about 40 ′ from the International Airport El. Venizelos.
In and around Alimos Marina you will be able to visit cafes, bars and restaurants to enjoy coffee, drinks or delicious Greek-Mediterranean specialties gazing at the magnificent view of the Saronic Gulf under the bright sun or starry sky of Attica. In the historic Naval Club of Marina you will be able to be introduced to the glorious world of water sports. The surrounding areas have "Blue Flag" beaches, a symbol of water quality in over 50 countries today, awarded with strict criteria to organized beaches and marinas. The Blue Flag is the most internationally recognized and widespread ecological symbol of water quality in the world. Necessary criteria are cleanliness, organization, safety of bathers, protection of the natural wealth of the environment, etc.
A great way to enjoy leisure with experience is ATHENS TOURS. The company already offers several tours that highlight the famous Greek Hospitality and History. A unique experience that is unreservedly recommended for couples, families with children and groups of friends who want to discover the past through the modern way of life in Athens. On the TOURS page you will find other interesting tours such as the ATHENIAN RIVIERA TOUR and the CORINTH TOUR. All services are provided by experienced professionals with a passion and love for the place where they grew up.
Alimos Marina has a large number of companies active in the field of sailing and boats. This is the main reason for the huge number of visitors from all over the world every tourist season. It attracts lovers of boats and the sea. Travelers who like the magic of the sea and the Greek islands.
If you are really interested in this popular destination then on the page ATHENS AIRPORT TO ALIMOS you will learn all the necessary information for a safe transfer from experienced. The company undertakes the transportation of travelers who want to visit Marina Alimos with SEDAN, MINIVAN or MINIBUS type vehicles depending on the number of passengers and luggage. The same goes for your return to the airport. Have a good time and enjoy your trip!
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