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25 / 10 / 2020

Athens Covid-19

The pandemic has significantly affected travel and transportation worldwide and requires a lot of care to be safe and healthy. Safety is a social responsibility of all of us. We are all responsible for following safety rules that protect ourselves and all people around us. The Greek government is making every effort to protect its citizens and is in a very positive direction taking protection measures to protect public health.
The safety and wellbeing of all our customers and our drivers is our highest priority. The company follows the advice and instructions of the state and health professionals under the current protocol. In Athens, our drivers wear a mask and follow the safety regulations in every destination. They also wear gloves where needed as a precaution. We keep our distance and avoid handshakes and hugs with our customers. You will also need to follow the local safety regulations and bring your own mask to wear while it is required. We suggest that you have gloves at your disposal. Hand sanitizer will be always available in our car. The car is completely cleaned every day and the interior is sanitized always before and after every trip or tour. So, they are always disinfected before boarding any new passenger/client.
We limit the number of people in vehicles based on the state health recommendations from the GREEK HEALTH MAP. To be informed about the current health conditions in Athens, you should go to the map of the Attica region. The relevant restrictions are divided into 4 security levels. The levels for private passenger transport related to ATHENS TAXI DRIVER are as follows:
A. Readiness Level (Green Color): No passenger restrictions.
B. Surveillance Level (Yellow Color): We board for SEDAN & SUV type 1-3 passengers, for MINIVAN type vehicles 1-5 passengers, for MINIBUS & BUS type vehicles 65% of the available seats of the vehicle (e.g. for 15-seater Minibus vehicle, we board 1-9 passengers).
C. Increased Surveillance Level (Orange Color): We board for SEDAN & SUV 1-2 passengers, for MINIVAN 1-4 passengers, for MINIBUS & BUS 50% of the available seats of the vehicle (e.g. for a 15-seater Minibus vehicle, we board 1-7 passengers).
D. Increased Risk Level (Red Color): We board for SEDAN & SUV 1 passenger, for MINIVAN 1-2 passengers, for MINIBUS & BUS 50% of the available seats of the vehicle (e.g. for a 15-seater Minibus vehicle, we board 1-7 passengers).
The health map is updated by the state and restrictions may be modified depending on the circumstances in order to protect public health. More information on vehicle types, you should visit the respective SEDAN, MINIVAN, MININUS pages. On the official website of the government health authorities, you can be found more information about GREECE COVID-19 and around the world.
Coronavirus will most probably impact your travel to/from Athens based on data recorded worldwide. Our company wanting to help its travelers in Athens and general in Greece, gives you the following information:
1. All passengers travelling to or via Greece are required to fill in and electronically submit the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) at least 24hrs before departure. The Form is available HERE
2. Travelers will receive their PLF unique Quick Response (QR) code on the day of their scheduled arrival in Greece (at midnight – 00.01 am) and will be notified via email (the QR code will be provided with a link in the confirmation email).
3. Passengers having failed to fill in and submit the Passenger Locator Form (PLF), will be subject to a fine as per provisions of the Joint ministerial decision of June 28th issued on PLF purpose.
4. I There are restrictions in Public Transport for passengers from 50% - 80% and mandatory use of a mask at stops and boarding stations depending on the level of safety. Important information about passenger transportation, restrictions and controls on transportation can be found on the official state website https://covid19.gov.gr/category/metafores/
5. In case you stay in Athens and wish to do a coronavirus test, we list some medical centers in Athens that have such a service: MediOne, Bioiatriki, Iatropolis. Very soon you will be able to find out an available medical center near you.
6. Further advice or new updated instructions for travelers is available to the follows link: https://eody.gov.gr/en/
7. Find out useful information about your flight via ATHENS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.
8. For any information regarding the schedule of the airlines and/or specific flights, you are kindly requested to contact your airline.
For all the latest developments and updates, travelers must and are obliged to contact the competent services of the Greek state.
Safety in the city of Athens is very important for the well-being of the residents and the hospitality of visitors. It is equally important for the promotion of our country as a top destination. The state has created a new strategic plan that highlights the capital of Greece not only beautiful but also safe. On the page "ATHENS SAFETY" you can find information about the city of Athens and the actions taken to keep the city high on the list of the top safest cities in the world.The new measures are aimed at protecting citizens and visitors. You can visit the city of Athens and enjoy special moments always safely for everyone. Athens Taxi Driver is always willing to offer you unforgettable experiences in Athens and all over Greece with Safety. Visit the pages ATHENS TRANSFERS and ATHENS PRIVATE TOURS in order to be informed with the offered services.
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