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16 / 02 / 2021

Athens in A Day

Are you planning to be in Athens for one day? Would you like to see as many sights and points of interest as you can? Take a look at the following tour guide with all the activities for a wonderful day in Athens accompanied by an experienced local guide. Follow me in Athens building up memories in the best way possible through different activities that last from dawn to dusk and from evening to sunrise.
About Athens
Athens is the city of great contradiction between images that harmoniously exist side-by-side. The perfect combination of the most meaningful historical heritage the world has ever seen, the unique indigenous way of life and the extraordinary natural environment. It is the city that links the culture with the urban environment. The modern attitude with the traditional lifestyle. Architecture, colors and powerful smells intrigue the traveler to explore it with the feeling of admiration. Athens is undoubtedly the city anyone would fall in love with from the very first moment and its outstanding beauty is portrayed in every single corner. Only here you can experience the captivating contradiction of moving forward by going back in time. Unfortunately, time is relentless and since we are incapable of stopping it we might as well become part of it and live the moment.
The first light of day has touched the shutter and the sunbeams come in to throw light on our souls. We open the windows wide open without any reason to oppose this new fresh start. We see the green orange and lemon trees on the sidewalks loaded with delicious smelling fruits. We dress lightly, wear the appropriate shoes and, of course, get our camera.Athens HighlightsIn neighborhoods of Koukaki we will slowly do the first strolls. A flavorful breakfast with Greek hot or frappe coffee will help us energize ourselves. Next to the café is the oven with the tasty delicacies baked in the wood-oven. Through the rich variety of handmade available products, we will go with hot cheese pie and spinach pie. They are enough to fill an empty stomach and provide energy for the future.
The new Acropolis Museum is not far from where we are. This is our first stop related to history. Breathtaking creations of the past will make us recall the need of man to express himself through the art of sculpture, ceramics and silver and gold smithing. structures that stun your eyes. We roam carefreely in the luxurious glass building that houses untold treasures, until suddenly, right out of the crystal walls, the first pillars appear in front of us. What else could it be if not the glorious monumental masterpiece of world culture? It is the Parthenon that is rooted on the hill of the Acropolis for more than 25 centuries.
We cross the uphill stone road next to the Acropolis hill to come in contact with the science of History. The Theater of Dionysus, the oldest theater in the world, embraces us and at the same time the Theater of Herodes Atticus shows us the path we must follow. Our hearts beat loudly for the big gathering, while walking up the marble steps of the Acropolis. From the very first images, a shiver runs through us. It is almost inevitable for us not to be captivated by what we experience. We pass through the marble columns of the Propylaea and in the background, we face with awe the majestic Parthenon. It is always here to remind us that it is never too late for civilization. We explore every aspect of it by completing the puzzle not only of mythology, but also history. We wander around the Erechteion to revive legendary figures, while observing the Caryatids petrified.
We look at the view of the old city from the walls of the Acropolis and soon we understand the reason for the existence of such constructions at this location. We walk down the hill and discover the public life of that time. We make our way to the Ancient Market which was the core of the old city of Athens. The images come to life in front of you in such a way that you can almost hear Pericles making a speech to the Athenians about Democracy. We explore numerous ancient monuments such as the temple of Hephaestus, the Stoa of Attalus, the Roman Library, the Roman Clock etc. until we finally head to the bazaar, widely known as Monastiraki. Countless small shops and street vendors offer their vendible while keeping the classic character of old Athens.
Greek Food
Without even understanding it, it's noon and the smells of spices and herbs pervade in the central market of Athens. Fresh vegetables and nuts lead us with talent in the neighborhood of Psyrri to have lunch. Top destination for unprecedented style dishes. Local delicacies and traditional cuisine will drive our palate crazy with grilled and cooked dishes accompanied by Greek salads with olive oil and cheese. Wonderful scents of local wine will put some color to our dreams for the rest of the day.Time flows and through narrow paths we walk up to the picturesque Plaka in order to enjoy our afternoon coffee in customary cafés with Greek music on the radio. You certainly cannot resist this challenge. From there we will go to the Syntagma square give our respects at the monument of The Unknown Soldier. We continue our march to the popular Kolonaki wandering around luxury shops and boutiques until we get to the peak of Lycabettus. Oh, what a fantastic point! Something surprising happens; from here we see everything. We enjoy the breathtaking view. All of Athens stands before us. Our eye can easily distinguish Aegina and Salamis, the two closest islands to Athens. The blue of the sea ignites an irresistible desire that draws us to it. It is not easy to say no.
Athenian Riviera
We let this attraction guide us towards the southern part of the city passing through the Gate of Hadrian and the Temple of Zeus, the highest monument of ancient Greek culture. We move away from the city center and soon enough we see the first amusement parks by the sea. This is how the wandering on the Athenian Riviera starts, passing through popular areas of the southern outskirts, filled with shops, restaurants, cafés, bars, private marinas and luxury mansions. Beaches with charming beauty and remote islands next to it. A stop for a swim on a sandy beach to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Saronic Gulf as they blend with the Aegean Sea. The fantastic landscape of the coastline of Athens that ends at the haughty Temple of Poseidon in Sounio. The unique destination and a view like the one of Santorini. We enjoy the sunset until the sun touches the wave with its beams, letting our imagination run wild. It is obvious that God composed everything wisely.
Nightlife in Athens
The desire leads us to a beach tavern by the sea as the fresh sea air whets our appetite. What we are looking for the local fresh seafood delicacies accompanied by a little ouzo. You see, time passes quickly without you realizing it when your company is in good spirit. It is now midnight and we have picked up our pace. In fun, laughter and joy we will continue in a nightclub on the seafront with Greek live music to cheer everyone up the way only the locals know. Dancing on the tables is likely to describe what is about to happen.
Dawn is just around the corner and we are on our way back. The sunlight starts touching the Parthenon and begins a whole new adventure. Sleeping isn’t what we are looking for and we remain inexhaustible, we probably have to make some decisions. Maybe we will stay a bit longer in the city and continue our tour by setting a new plan. After all, in Athens you always have something special to do as far as your motto is living the moment and you keep in touch with the locals who know what you need.
It is for granted that no one can give meaning to reality in a few words. But if you want to live the one-time experience, do not hesitate to CONTACT me. I am always at your disposal to offer my services with peacefully and, of course, with the expertise of a local-experienced guide with genuine knowledge and love for his country. Of course, security, which is a fully developed field in Greece, is of highest significance to us. Read relevant information on the ATHENS SAFETY page.
Athens sights to see
The historical background of the city of Athens in combination with organized archeological excavations have shed light on a huge number of treasures that highlight the Cultural Heritage of the place. In fact, there are excavation sites that are still active and are not easy to complete in the near future. However, today's city does have the ability to give you an ideal response for top-tier tourist exhibits. At ATHENS TOURIST ATTRACTIONS you can find out more about the most popular attractions.
During the year there are travelers who do not have sufficient time to stay in Athens. Most of them choose the city as a stopover in order to continue their journey to other destinations in Greece such as its islands. Some of them arrive at the port of Piraeus by cruise ships where they disembark for no more than a few hours. For all those who do not have much time at their disposal, but wish to explore Athens in a short time, our company provides the opportunity of personalized services with local guides. Your transfer can be done with our vehicles, which you can find more information about on the ATHENS TAXI SERVICES page.
On the ATHENS SIGHTSEEING page, you can be informed about a half-day tour. On the ATHENS TOURS page, you can find information related to a full day tour. On the page ATHENS & CAPE SOUNION TOUR you can combine the city tour of Athens with Sounion, on the page ATHENIAN RIVIERA you will find the best tour along the seaside of Attica Region. For travelers who stay in Athens for an extended period of time and wish to explore it step by step I suggest you take a look at the ATHENS WALKING TOUR page.
Experience knows no bounds. That is why our company can offer services outside the city limits since there is the possibility of organizing DAY TOURS or EXCURSIONS in top popular destinations. See all of the options related to TOURS and make a choice that is made for your needs. All tours and excursions can be done with or without a PROFESSIONAL ATHENS TOUR GUIDE, depending on your requirements.
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