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NEWS >  Athens Riviera
09 / 03 / 2023

Athens Riviera

ATHENS RIVIERA embraces the entire southeastern coastline of Athens and extends over approximately 60 km starting from Piraeus to Sounio. For Old Athens, the southern suburbs were from the beginning a top holiday destination for prominent Athenians and not only. A richly diverse landscape that is "a feast for the eyes" consisting of distinct beaches with sand, fine gravel or pebbles, small and large coves with rock carved by the waves, flora "fed" by the saltiness of the sea, small and large marinas exclusively for private boats displaying wealth, amusement parks and playgrounds for young and old. Wonderful geological features where each has its own charm. As you cruise along the Athenian Riviera from west to east, the main areas you pass through are Piraeus, Paleo Faliro, Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza, Lagonisi, Saronida, Anavyssos and Sounio. Each of these locations has its own special beauty and is definitely worth the attention of every visitor.
It is the main port of Athens, the largest in Greece and one of the most important in Europe as it crosses 3 continents. Over 3000 shipping offices are housed here, testifying to the importance of the city. An essential destination for passenger ships carrying travelers and locals to and from the Aegean islands. A prime and ideal stop for spectacular cruise ships filled with visitors who flood Athens to see the city's sights. Necessary destination for merchant ships at its wharves carrying goods from all over the world. A relaxing walk around Freattyda will reveal to your parts of the ancient Piraeus Wall that have survived to this day. Marina Zeas and Pasalimani are home to top impressive yachts and sailing boats reminiscent of the famous Monaco. In the beautiful Mikrolimano you will see fishing boats, small boats and enjoy fresh fish and seafood in its famous taverns. But Piraeus is not only its ports. Beautiful districts will impress you, such as the elegant and picturesque Castella with narrow streets and imposing mansions, built on a hill with a magnificent view. Cultural events and concerts are hosted in the Veakeio outdoor theater every summer.FALIRIC DELTA - BAYA modern developed area consisting of sports facilities of the 2004 Olympic Games, sailing clubs, cinemas, etc. Here is the top point of interest of recent years, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Culture Center & Opera Hall of Stavros Niarchos Foundation where it highlights the culture of Greece and the whole world. Paleo Faliro is a sophisticated area that from the beginning approached the elite of the economic scale of Athens. The seaside neighborhoods of Palio Faliros end at the Flisvos marina, where ultra-luxurious yachts of popular travelers are moored. The area is notable for its interesting choices in food and drink with elegant bars overlooking the sea. An excellent choice for families and moments of relaxation is the Flisvos Park where it has an outdoor summer cinema "taken" from the old days, a huge playground for our little friends and an excellent walk where the enchanting sunset with the background of the hill of Kastela captivates the eyes. Here fishing is a daily habit for idlers and takes on another interest as it helps strengthen human relationships.
Popular suburb for its beaches, entertainment centers and the good quality of life it offers to its residents. It presented a large residential development in the 70s, bringing leaps and bounds in commercial success to the surrounding area due to its proximity to the old Athens airport until 2001. Since then, the Athens airport was transferred to Spata, leaving the helm to Marina Alimos. The historic Alimou Marina is undoubtedly the largest in the Balkans and one of the most popular marinas in the eastern Mediterranean. It has many businesses active in the field of sailing and yacht charter. This is the main reason for the huge number of visitors from all over the world every tourist season. It is mainly aimed at sea lovers who want to explore the Greek islands. The strategic location of the renewed marina is obviously of the utmost importance as it is located between the center of Athens and the port of Piraeus at a distance of 20 minutes and at a distance of approximately 40 minutes from the International Airport El. Venizelos. Inside Alimos Marina and around it you will be able to visit cafes, bars and restaurants to enjoy coffee, drinks or delicious Greek-Mediterranean specialties while gazing at the enchanting view of the Saronic Gulf. Don't hesitate to visit the AIRPORT TO ALIMOS page to book your own private transfer safely.
Glyfada is a modern area famous for its sandy beach, the popular Holy Metropolitan Church of Saints Constantine and Helen with its distinctive dome, located in a tree-lined square overlooking the Aegean. International boutiques of popular designers, local clothing stores, jewelry stores and galleries are some of the elements that make up an elegant seaside setting. Around the promenade are clustered seafood taverns, gourmet restaurants and neat cocktail bars that open from early morning until late at night. We should definitely include that here are hosted some top nightclubs with Greek live music. The residents are intertwined with the quick wealth from businessmen to international athletes but they also show special importance to nature and animals. For this reason, in Glyfada you can visit the Sea Turtle Protection Center. Great idea for kids.
Voula and Vouliagmeni are the only truly green suburbs on the Saronic coast. Surrounded by pine-covered hills that lead to wonderful sandy beaches and clear sea, being a source of life and recreation for residents and visitors. The beaches of Vouliagmeni are spotlessly clean and for this reason they have been awarded with a blue flag. These areas are enriched with parks, beautiful gardens, pedestrian walkways, modern playgrounds and public infrastructure. Its beaches start from the sandy beaches in Agios Nikolaos Palon, continue to Megalo Kavouri, around Laimos and the central bay of Vouliagmeni and end in the small harbors under the lake, in the unchanged Attic landscape, in the Fascomilia area. Lake Vouliagmeni is one of the top spots in the heart of the Athenian Riviera. This is the perfectly hidden treasure of Attica's nature. In a natural idyllic landscape, a rare global geological phenomenon invites you to see it. The brackish and fresh waters of the lake come from underground thermal springs and are constantly renewed. They start from further north, covering a journey of more than 200 km from the north, they flow into the lake and continue their route ending up in the sea. The lake is a natural and unique spa experience. In the area you will find luxury hotel units, organized beaches, restaurants, traditional taverns, cafes and a small but complete market with shops for basic necessities. Unlimited possibilities for all kinds of water sports are also provided. The Vouliagmenis Marina, in the area of "Laimos", is of international standards with suitable facilities for the mooring of all kinds of boats.
It is built on the shores of the Saronic Gulf. It used to be a popular tourist resort for prominent Athenians who didn't want to stray far from the city center. The image around the settlement evokes a classic Attic landscape of the countryside, with bushy - rocky areas, but also many pine trees that spread their shadow on the blue waters of the Saronic. Here you will find under the name "Varkiza Resort Yabanaki" one of the most well-known and organized beaches with golden sand and shallow waters, in which there are, among other things, sports facilities, parking areas, catering facilities, health facilities, clubs, etc. Apart from the beach, Varkiza has other nice places for recreation and entertainment such as the "Alkyonides", the "Club Island" beach, the well-known "Limanakia" and the caves under Ribas. A magic that captivates the eyes...
Farther than Athens, a trip worth experiencing. The modern construction of a modern city while still maintaining the traditional "touches" now gives way to the wild natural landscape and the "deck is dealt again from the beginning". Natural images stimulate our senses making us wonder how far we are from the city. A fantastic scene unfolds before us. The beaches are golden, less crowded and more exotic with crystal clear waters. Rocky coves with underwater caves suitable for fishing and diving. The summer breeze stirs up the waves and windsurfing enthusiasts are addicted to it. Hills with pines but mostly with low vegetation that are animal protection zones. A province where luxurious villas and resorts coexist with old taverns by the sea bringing back memories of another era. The best place to enjoy the well-known Greek cuisine with seafood delicacies served daily with fresh local catches. Pair a plate of your favorite shrimp and fish with a glass of ouzo. The right place to enjoy the idyllic blues of the Aegean.
At the end of this route on the Athenian Riviera is the cape of Souni. Here high on the rock, the Temple of Poseidon stands proud and imposing, taming the waves of the Aegean. An ideal place to revive Legends and Myths of Ancient Athens. It is a leading World Heritage Site that inspires admiration and moves every visitor. A typical treasure of Classical Greece made of marble from the surrounding area with the name "Lavreotiki". But Sounio is popular for the amazing sunset as the sun's rays flicker between the columns of the temple as it disappears into the sea and giving its shine to the starry sky of Attica land exuding romance and love. This is worth experiencing…
It is easy to see how the number of points of interest is overwhelmingly huge so traveling by car is essential. The best way to achieve this is to have an experienced guide at your disposal who will turn the tour into an unforgettable experience. Visit our ATHENIAN RIVIERA TOUR page to make an immediate reservation and live the experience. On the ATTICA TOUR page you can see our proposal of a tour where we combine the Athenian Riviera with Lavrio. In Lavrio were the ancient mines of Athens and underground tunnels with more than 800 entrances have been discovered. In general, on the TOURS page you will have the possibility to choose between excellent suggestions of tours based on Athens to every popular destination. Whatever you choose, we wish you a lot of fun.
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