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NEWS >  Attica Zoological Park
23 / 04 / 2023

Attica Zoological Park

Do you want to discover the magical world of the animal kingdom? If so, you should definitely visit the Attica Zoological Park in Spata Attica, located near El. Venizelos. A special destination in the eastern suburbs of Athens, about 1 hour away from the center of Athens.
The Attica Zoological Park of Athens is one of the most beautiful zoological parks in Europe and inspired by Jean-Jacques Lesueur, its operation began in May 2000 and is a self-financed creation that extends over an area of 200 acres, housing more than 2,000 animals, from 290 different species. These are divided into 4 major categories: Mammals, Marine Mammals, Reptiles and Birds.
From its beginning until today, its flora and fauna has been continuously enriched. The animals are as close as possible to natural living conditions even if they are in captivity. There is an impeccable organization, while the staff who take care of the animals are on a voluntary basis and this shows the amount of love towards them. The place is huge, well-kept with all the necessary markings, explanations and amenities to enjoy your visit.
You will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful flamingos that will greet you at the entrance, while your tour will be accompanied by free-roaming peacocks and turtles. You will be amazed by the "guests" of the African savanna such as white rhinos, proud lions, imposing hippos, arching giraffes and these are just some of what decorates the zoo's collection. You should not miss the show with the dolphins, as you will learn a lot about the life and habits of these wonderful marine mammals and the absolute harmony of coexistence with humans.
The petting area is very popular as adorable rabbits, large goats and funny lemurs are eager to meet you. But be careful, because the little thieving lemurs will be happy to explore your pockets and bags looking for treats! The park has organized areas with picnic tables, a cafeteria-snack bar and scattered canteens to serve the public.
Crowds of tourists, individual visitors, families and small organized groups organize day visits to the area of the Attica Zoological Park. There are also those who organize children's parties and events of all kinds in the specially designed areas.This is definitely another great activity near the city of Athens that is mainly aimed at families with small children. The experience of your visit can only be described as beneficial, while the information you will collect about the inhabitants of the park combined with the photographic material you will collect, will accompany you for a whole life offering moments of joy. For more information on opening hours and directions to the park, visit the official Attica Zoological Park website (www.atticapark.com).
Do you want to visit the Attica Zoo? Are you visitors to Athens and don't know how to get there?
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