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Athens Taxi Driver
03 / 01 / 2017

School Transfers

In recent years it has been found that our choice to a modern way of life causes us serious obligations, commitments and requirements that we are called to fulfill. In many cases it turns out that 24 hours is not enough for a modern family.
School itineraries for student transportation are part of the daily routine for the Greek family throughout the school period. In many cases, they make life difficult for parents and students, causing nervousness. This is a problem that today's family has to solve. A problem that is easily perceived when the distance between home and school is large while at the same time students 'schedules are not synchronized with parents' working hours. This is a common phenomenon especially in certain popular public or private schools which are the first choice and top priority by parents to educate their children. In fact, this problem is exacerbated when these popular school units do not have school buses at their disposal or the school buses, they have been not enough for the required number of students to be transported.
In such cases, the coverage of the increased requirements for school itineraries is done mainly by external partners. That is, by professionals with TOUR BUS or MINIBUS. Tour buses are passenger vehicles belonging to tourism companies. They are of high standards, approved by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Transport with the most appropriate and regular inspections. The type of tourist bus that will be used is related to the parameters and requirements of each school unit. For example, the BUS carries more students but is cumbersome and approaches students from boulevards and highways. The MINIBUS is smaller but very flexible on the rough roads of our city. However, there are other serious reasons for outsourcing the school route to a private company. For example, the travel agency that provides passenger transport services with privately owned or rented tour buses, assumes a huge responsibility for which it has to provide full liability insurance coverage under applicable law. Other smaller vehicles that can be used depending on the requirements of the transport are the SEDAN TAXI or TAXI VAN and have the ability to alleviate the problem of school routes.
The company undertakes responsible school itineraries for the transportation of students offering security, reliability and consistency. School routes with strict criteria and a professional driver who has many years of experience in road passenger transport. The service is offered for the entire duration of the school year or for a certain part of the school year and may include an escort where required.
Visit the STUDENT TRANSPORT page for more information or CONTACT us to request a quote. Let us know your interest in order to help resolve the school transfer that concerns you.
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