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Athens Taxi Driver
07 / 11 / 2015
Athens Classic Marathon
All set for the big event of the Marathon of Athens. The official marathon of Athens is the most demanding marathon in the world. Events have already begun and the runners are now ready to hear the signal of departure. Where are the lights of the media will fall to live great moments. The celebration has its roots in the battle of Marathon. Where the vastly outnumbered Athenians defeated the Persians and the famous Athenian messenger soldier Pheidippides ran back to the city of Athens to convey the message of their victory. When he saw the front of the first Athenians said the famous word “NENIKIKAMEN” means “WON” and left his last breath there to become the symbol that will inspire generations of runners forever. Thousands of runners from around the world participate in this fight and many others every year visiting Marathon tour the place that the clock of the history stopped forever.
If you want to live the same experience you have to contact me. I undertake your tour from Athens to Marathon to see from near the tomb of the Athenians and the point of the battle with the Persians, to browse the modern city of Marathon, visit the museum of marathon runners as well as the start-up stadium of the Marathon race. The ATHENS TAXI DRIVER offers to experience the unforgettable moments and has the ability to take you back in time when history is written with indelible ink. Register my interest in your contact form and you will immediately receive my answer with all relevant information. For more tour ideas visit my page TOURS.
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