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NEWS >  Things to do in Athens
26 / 03 / 2021

Things to do in Athens

What can you do during your visit to Athens? Can you fill your time creatively?
The answer is clear as there is no city like Athens anywhere in the world. Its stunning beauty, creative contrasts and countless activities will remain etched come back here again and again.
What really is Athens? That’s the one-million-winning question…
It is the city that rages in activities, excites the senses, activates the spirit and tests the endurance of every traveler. Athens fascinates with its secular life and offers enjoyment with the Mediterranean climate. It has corners which are revived by history and beaches that can be found in almost every corner. This great city always has something to offer to everyone and, best of all, a hospitality comparable to its history.
Welcome to the ATHENS TAXI DRIVER, the website that focuses on private transport and tours based in Athens. My name is Dimitris and I am a professional Athenian driver / guide with a passion for traveling from Athens to all of mainland Greece. Stay with me because in the following lines you will discover a selected list of MUST of Athens in order to make sure that this city meets your dreams! Here you will find a true tour guide for Athens containing ideal destinations, travel tips and selected suggestions to make your next trip an unforgettable experience.
For the seekers of History and Mythology, Athens is a real paradise on earth. A city built exactly where the ancient neighborhoods were, around the well-known walls of the Acropolis where today visitors can find popular attractions which were the foundations of the Western civilization. If we wanted to record all the archeological treasures and historical monuments that Athens has, we’d better be ready to write an entire encyclopedia. For this reason, we will briefly include only the most popular.On the hill of the Acropolis dominates the majestical Parthenon which was a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. Next to it one can found the Erechtheion when it was considered the palace of the king of Athens. It really worth focusing on the wonderful Caryatids. At the entrance of the hill, it is impossible to overlook the Propylaea of the Acropolis which formed the gateway to the sanctuary. On the south side of the hill, you will hear the echo in the famous Herodes Atticus Odeon and you will recognize the Theater of Dionysus which was the very first theater in the world.  At the base of the hill, in the area of Thission, the best long-lasting monument of antiquity stands, the Temple of Hephaestus. In Agora the Stoa of Attalos is proposed for visiting, which was a meeting point and discussion of Athens, and is interwoven with the beginning of democracy. In the area of the Roman Forum select to visit the Roman Library and in the neighborhood of the Winds you could find the Tower of Winds, or else the first Roman Clock which operated for the first time by the direction of the winds depending on the time of year. A little further from the historic center it is highly suggested that one visits the Temple of Zeus. It is the largest, in size, structure of ancient Athens, dedicated to Zeus, the father of the gods. In the same area is the distinguishable Hadrian Arch which was a gift from the Athenians to the popular Roman king because of his love for ancient Greek culture. During your visit to the sights that were described you will have the opportunity to discover even more that will fill the picture of what life was like back then.
Athens is -and should be- characterized as the birthplace of culture and the arts. For people who love the cultural heritage of a destination, there are wonderful museums in Athens with high ratings representing every kind of creative art from the Cycladic period until today. Museums that display art with marble sculptures, ceramic creations with excellent images, jewelry made of gold and silver, textiles, paintings, photographs, etc.
We will select to visit some of the largest museums of the city and we will offer you the top ones based on themes and valuable exhibits. The National Archaeological Museum is the flagship museum in Greece and no one should miss visiting it. Never should we forget of its position which is # 1 in the world based on the uniqueness of exhibits featuring treasures from the 6000 B.C. The New Acropolis Museum is housed in a luxurious modern building next to the historic hill. It exhibits part of the marbles of the Parthenon, presents unique findings from the Acropolis and many more. It is worth mentioning that on the top floor there is the museum restaurant where an ideal spot overlooking the illuminated Parthenon can be found. The Cyclades Arts Museum houses permanent exhibits from the Cycladic period, yet hosts various collections at times. The Benaki Museum in Kolonaki is one of the best museums with rich private cultural collections from various periods but creations of contemporary art. What’s more, the hotel offers a great Cafe which overlooks the Greek Parliament and the Acropolis Hill. The Numismatic Museum is housed in the historic building of the pioneer in archeology Heinrich Schliemann with an incredible collection of golden and silver coins starting from the classical era of Greece. The wonderful garden of the museum is offered as a meeting point for many Athenians who enjoy their morning coffee. Inside the Byzantine & Christian Museum one can find collections connected with the Christian Religion while at the War Museum there are mainly exhibits from the Greek Revolution of 1821 and the second the World War. In the neoclassical building of the Old House is the National Historical Museum where rare exhibits related to the local history in the last 200 years can be found. Important aspects of Greek art are presented in the Museum of Modern Art and the unique Lalaounis Jewelry Museum with creations of gold, inspired from Ancient Greece.
Undoubtedly Athens has top highlights that no visitor should miss. They are a representative sample of cultural heritage and modern lifestyle. On the walk around the Acropolis, you must visit the Mars Hill which was the first official court in the world and you will certainly notice the Archaeological site of Kerameikos which was the largest municipality of ancient Athens. A walk to Philopappos Hill is on the “suggested” list. This monument is on the homonymous hill with the wonderful view that unites classic neighborhoods such as Thession, Petralona and Koukaki. While walking in these neighborhoods and looking for the "connection" of the traditional with the modern, you will visit the Flea Market in Monastiraki where in the second-hand shops you will be given a chance to discover another Greece, the one of the last centuries. At the “point zero” of the city, Syntagma Square, you will meet the Greek Parliament where you will be impressed by the Change of Guards Evzones with their traditional clothing. In Panepistimiou Street you will admire the Neoclassical architecture of the famous Trilogy, consisting of three exceptional buildings. The buildings of the Academy of Arts, the National University and the National Library are timeless real "cultural diamonds" for the whole globe visit.
At the base of Lycabettus you can find the cosmopolitan district of Kolonaki with friends and supporters from all over Europe. This wonderful area offers a large number of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants of eminent chefs. The relaxing walk and the coffee in Kolonaki Square are very special as unexpected personalities can sit next to you for a discussion. Next to the Kolonaki district you will be impressed with the royal palace where the official Presidential Palace is now. Next to the hill of Ardittus you will visit the Kallimarmaro or Panathenaic Stadium to revive old, yet unforgettable memories from the first Olympic Games of 1896 in the place where they first started. In the heart of the traditional neighborhood of Plaka you will rest for snacks in Diogenis Light Square. This is a special square dedicated to the important ancient philosopher Diogenes.Of course, you will include a Hammam for baths and spas in the area of Thession, Psyrri and Gazi while if you are from those whose motto is “shop till you drop” you can’t miss the famous shopping destinations with the widely known brands in the shopping centers, such as Attica and Golden Hall. Just outside the city center is a really interesting visit to the “discount village” MacArthur Glen. The latter is located near Athens El. Venizelos and can be perfectly combined with a visit to the Attica Zoological Park so each member of the family will have his own entertainment depending on their mood.
Like any major European city, Athens has a large number of vehicles that circulate daily on main roads and major boulevards. Nevertheless, the city can't hide beautiful neighborhoods and characteristic sidewalks that are known for their uniqueness and the never-the-same images that can be shot. While walking "lost" in the crowd, you can have a walk around the famous Acropolis Hill stands out, where you’ll have a chance to come in contact with some world heritage monuments and learn about the mythology, as well as the birth of ancient Greek culture. The tour of the Ancient Agora is suggested, where was the heart of ancient Athens and the commercial center of the city with the public services available during that period. You will be "lost" for a while in the Flea of Monastiraki and the surrounding streets that are flooded with small shops that sell all kinds of things, such as antiques and souvenirs. A nostalgic walk in the cobbled neighborhoods of Plaka and Anafiotika is recommended, where even today the houses revive the glamor and nobility of a previous era, highlighting the Cycladic architecture. An interesting option is the walk in the shopping triangle of Athens where Athenians visit the central market daily for shopping in order to fill their table with goodies. Here the smells pervade by spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, cold cuts, seafood etc. We certainly cannot miss the relaxing walk in the National Garden among at least 2,500 different species of plants and trees from the time of the kingdom in Greece.
Walking in popular neighborhoods of Athens is an ideal way to explore the city center step by step and it becomes especially fun with the help of experienced local guides. The company has experienced local guides who will turn a walk in the city into a real one-in-a-lifetime experience, making every corner matter, recalling incredible moments of history. On page ATHENS WALKING TOUR, you will find more information about this activity. If you still love comfort and luxury, I can offer you unique and relaxing car tours that you will surely love. On the page ATHENS SIGHTSEEING and ATHENS TOURS you will find exactly what suits you depending on the time available.
The downtown and suburbs of Athens are surrounded by four mountains and the 5th side of the city is surrounded by sea. Within the city there are seven hills associated with history. The most popular is the Acropolis Hill but it is not higher than the hill of Lycabettus. From the "balcony" of Lycabettus one can enjoy the best view of Athens at an altitude of 280 meters. The view is without a doubt unique. The dominant colors are the white of the houses and the blue of the sea. From this point the islands of Aegina and Salamis easily catch everyone’s eye. It is worth mentioning that approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from the city center is the view of Cape Sounion which is a very popular destination for idyllic sunsets.
The Athenian Riviera holds a special place in the hearts of Athenians. A Must destination for anyone visiting the capital of Greece, no matter how many times he wants to come. A coastline of about 60 km that starts from Piraeus to the Cape of Sounion is ready to be discovered by unfolding in front of you the beauty of the natural environment. The route is offered for unique images of sandy beaches for swimming, rocky coves for diving, islands and islets, archeological sites and world heritage sites and, of course, a fantastic philosophy of living to the max for all ages. All of this can include the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods of Athens.
After research among the leading destinations, we have selected for you the great Marina Floisvos in Palaio Faliro that fills with people to enjoy coffee and drinks with views of the luxury boats and the city of Piraeus. You should select Glyfada for the rich market with shops and cafes it has. The area of Varkiza and Vouliagmeni is proposed for the cosmopolitan sandy beaches it has. In fact, in Vouliagmeni it is worth visiting the homonymous natural lake with recyclable waters. In Saronis and Anavyssos you will find beach bars and fish taverns with fresh seafood while enjoying views by the sea. Definitely you should not skip visiting the Temple of Poseidon at your arrival at Cape Sounion.
Anyone who wants to move from the city center to the Athenian Riviera will need transportation. It is highly suggested that you book an experienced driver as the roads are overcrowded and roads can be traffic-jammed. The driver will assure you enjoy and relax in your own way. For greater security, do not hesitate to visit ATHENIAN RIVIERA TOUR, page.
Greek cuisine is based on the traditional cuisine of the ancient Greeks and has some in common with traditional cuisines of other Balkan countries or countries of the east. From the lovers of cooking, it is also called Mediterranean cuisine, while it is characterized by the high quality of fresh products based on the use of delicious local olive oil. What stands out is the salads of local vegetables, herbs of the Greek countryside, cheeses and meats of Greek production and seafood or fish from the Aegean Sea. All the wonderful delicacies are pleasantly accompanied by local drinks such as ouzo, tsipouro, mastic or wine depending on the menu. Greece has an excellent production of bottled wines with many labels traveling around the world to accompany gourmet dishes in major international restaurants.
In Athens there are restaurants and traditional taverns that stand out for the culinary experience in picturesque districts of Athens. From a large list we single out the taverns in Psyrri Square for cooked and grilled accompanied by relaxed Greek live music. In the area of Plaka you can taste cooked food near the Acropolis. The Microlimano of Piraeus offers seafood and fish with the view of Saronic Gulf and Athens Riviera. Just outside the center of Athens we would suggest visiting Kalyvia, Attica where the smoke from the barbecues with meats time scent throughout the surrounding area.The "ATHENS TAXI DRIVER'' offers thematic tours with local guides. On page ATHENS FOOD TOUR, you can request a traditional Greek cuisine tour. On page ATHENS WINE TOUR, you will be making a visit to popular wineries in Attica.
For people who love the "to the max life" and the "night entertainment " , there are many bars and clubs scattered in various neighborhoods in the city center and in separate neighborhoods of the suburbs. Each of them promotes its own unique character and is addressed to a specific audience with similar preferences or moods. Through an endless list you can select some representative examples that will satisfy your needs. Ideal choices for late afternoon are the bars in the classical neighborhood Exarchia square in Ayia Irini Square and around Kolokotroni Street in Athens and the bars in the square of Nea Smyrni. Early at night, the bars in Flisvos Marina and Microlimano are offered. Late at night we choose the area in Gazi with drinks and music for all tastes. On the seafront of Alimos and Glyfada you will be introduced to the real Greek entertainment, having fun with live music and dancing on the tables from late at night until the early morning hours.
When traveling with the family it is natural, among other things, for a parent to intend to entertain their children. Athens includes such pleasures offering different activities for our little friends. Though several options are available you cannot miss the fun and entertainment center " Allou Fun Park " in Renti with unimaginable constructions for endless play all day. It is undoubtedly recommended that you visit the Attica Zoo in Spata, Attica where you will meet rare animals that we would have never seen otherwise. There, under no circumstances will we miss the unique demonstration program of Dolphins always made with the care of specialized trainers. A special destination for the psychology of children can become the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre located in Glyfada. There, young and old people learn how the care program works for these wonderful creatures and our obligations to nature while maintaining balance in the ecosystem.
The natural wealth of Greece is truly unique. Characteristic of the country is the rich alternation of landscapes and images from place to place. The geological morphology includes rocky mountains, dense forests, low vegetation plains, rivers with clear waters from the mountain tops, natural lakes and habitats, accessible gorges, exotic beaches with blue flag etc. Each point you visit offers visitors the opportunity to choose from a variety of sports activities.Greece has rapidly developed Alternative Tourism activities in recent years. Athens cannot be excluded from this development as it is at the center of the tourist map. Thus, near Athens one can enjoy many sports activities. The Hymettus ideal for Mountain Biking and Mountain Running. The Coastal Avenue offered for Bike Long Distance Selects setting aside to get to the Cape Sounion. The Parnis mountain with an altitude above 1400 m. Ideal for Mountain Biking, Hiking and Paragliding. In Vouliagmeni, we will enjoy diving and swimming or water sports.Traveling from Athens to popular destinations in the Peloponnese and Epirus, discovering natural beauties of the place with an ideal environment for nature lovers, there are activities such as Hiking, Mountaineering, Climbing, Rafting, Canoe Kayak, Paragliding, Archery etc. On page ADVENTURE GREECE you will find more relevant articles and learn how we can organize GREECE ADVENTURE TOURS on your standard.
The Athenians are intertwined with the sea and the liquid element, projecting their seamanship from antiquity. A tradition which was created as a result of the morphology of the region. The region of Attica is triangular and is surrounded by sea. It offers a great coastline with dozens of large and small marinas. Apart from these we encourage you to visit the popular Alimos or otherwise ATHENS ALIMOS MARINA. It is just 15 minutes far from the city center and is ideal for sailing. In Alimos we can rent a boat (sail boat or motor boat) at very affordable prices for day cruises with or without crew in order to enjoy the Athenian Riviera in a more sophisticated way. In addition, we should not skip the Lavrio Marina which is located about 1 hour east of the city center and offers the same possibilities. See about your transfer from ATHENS AIRPORT TO ALIMOS and from ATHENS TO LAVRIO.
Greek history is culturally linked to religion. With the arrival of the Apostle Paul (1st AD) begins the spread of Christianity in the Ancient Agora of Athens. With the establishment of the Byzantine Empire, we have the proclamation of Christianity as the official religion for the whole world of Byzantium (4th AD). From that period, we see the construction of important temples and monasteries throughout Greece that follow a parallel path through time enduring difficulties and creatively influencing the evolution of society. With this criterion we will single out churches that were religious and cultural "crossroads" for the Athenian faithful and are definitely worth a visit.The Metropolitan Church of Athens in Plaka is the head of Greece. At the same upscale district of Athens, at the foot of the Acropolis, is the Byzantine Imperial Church of St. Nicholas Rangavas (11 th AD) and the Church of St. Irene (7 th AD) which is probably the oldest building in that area. The stone temple of St. Theodore (11 th AD) and the Virgin Moni Kapnikareas in Hermes Street where single half buried in the ground stand out. In the classical pathway of Hill Lycabettus, we will worship at the church of Sts Hesiodes which is built in the hill. At the side of Hymettus in the forest we will meet the famous Byzantine Monastery of Kaisariani and quite higher the Monastery of Asterios. Further away from the center, in Haidari area, you will be guided at the Abbey of Daphne (9th AD) which was built on the ancient temple of Apollo and is a world heritage monument and a real diamond Christianity. Daphne Monastery is an excellent destination for visitors and is combined with a visit to the archeological site of Eleusis, Ancient Corinth or a visit to the Monastery of Saint Luke in Distomo. On page CHRISTIAN TOURS GREECE, you can find information about tours or tours to popular religious destinations.
Athens is at the heart of tourist activities and it sure is an ideal starting point for any popular Greek tourist destination. From Athens you can visit the Oracle of Delphi and the historic village of Arachova or the one of Amfissa. Even better you can make a combination of a two-day trip to Delphi and the monasteries of Meteora for a one-in-a-lifetime adventure. Anyone can visit the Isthmus of Corinth in combination with the archeological site of Ancient Corinth. An outing to the wonderful neoclassical and historic city of Nafplio is recommended, which is a popular destination for Athenians on weekends. Nafplio is a tour that can be combined with a visit to Epidaurus or Mycenae.
Each destination is unique and the same unique moments can be experienced by anyone who wants to combine a visit to Athens with other top destinations. Especially when the tour is made by local guides. On the ATHENS PRIVATE TOURS page anyone can find specific suggestions that turn a desire into a real experience. In the ATHENS DAY TOURS page there are top suggestions for day tours exclusively in tourist destinations starting from Athens that really worth to see.
The largest number of travelers to Athens choose Athens Airport as their first destination. A modern European city like Athens has a modern airport and any form of public transport or transportation. But within the framework of enjoyment and relaxation, no one wants to struggle to transfer in a city that, after, has capable professionals to take on this important piece of travelling. For this reason, it is unreservedly recommended to rent a car with a driver. The personal guide will become your "man" in any kind of transport you will need without getting on your nerves. The driver will meet you at the airport hall to welcome you and then take you to the hotel where you will stay. While en route he can give you a lot of important and interesting information for the days to follow, especially when the city in question is unknown to the traveler. On page ATHENS AIRPORT TAXI you find all the necessary information about your private transfer from Athens Airport to Athens, with certainty and consistency. On page ATHENS TRANSFERS you will find information on private transportation to any popular destination outside Athens. Just make the choice that interests you.
Cruises are beloved activities with millions of fans worldwide. Athens, with the port of Piraeus, offers a station for cruise to dock and let travelers have a closer look of Athens. Piraeus was the ancient port of the city and is the largest one in Greece. For Athenians the importance of the port was highest importance in antiquity. Once someone chooses to cruise to Piraeus, a private tour in Athens should be on their list. The tour starts from Piraeus and through the Athenian Riviera you drive to the old town of Athens and ends just on time back to the port or the airport so that you can continue your trip. On page ATHENS SHORE EXCURSIONS, you can find all relevant information.
It is impossible to talk about Greece and not refer to its islands. The Greek islands offer a life completely different from the big cities. They still bear the sophisticated insularity and modernize the services to combine tradition and cultural development. Near Athens, there are top popular island destinations that are waiting for you to discover. In Piraeus, there are daily departures to go to these destinations for your holidays. However, for those who don’t just follow the norms we will suggest something different. A day cruise with small cruise ships from Piraeus will enchant every traveler’s experience without a doubt. An all-day cruise that will include Aegina, Poros and Hydra in order to get you to know the natural beauty of three Greek islands and meet locals who live in their way. On the ATHENS DAY CRUISE page, you will find necessary information about such day cruises from Athens.
In conclusion, if you want to see a list of everything you can see in Athens, you should visit the THINGS TO SEE IN ATHENS page while on the PLACES TO VISIT IN ATHENS page you will find a corresponding list of the most visited places in the city. If you are not sure if you have not decided what to see Athens in a day or if you still need a proposal, you should visit the page ATHENS IN A DAY. There, you can find an easy-to-comprehend plan with activities for every taste. Useful information about security can be found on page ATHENS SAFETY while queries about sanitary issues visit ATHENS COVID -19.
Whatever the case might be, don’t hesitate to contact me here for any questions you have.

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