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Athens Taxi Driver


Taxis in Athens have a price list by the state. Based on this price list, the taximeter is set up and operates in my taxi and so you get the appropriate charges for the trips, tours or excursions to Athens and generally to Greece.
An important factor in charging each route is the distance. However, it is not the only one since the final charge can be increased and shaped by other factors such as the traffic, appointment / pre booking, waiting time, night charge, tolls, airport or port taxes, luggage, etc. So, that means a route by route has a different charge.
Also, there are some routes that based a standard charge by the state as follows:
Athens Airport to Athens 40 euro (day time)
Athens to Athens Airport 40 euro (day time)
Athens Airport to Athens 55 euro (night charge)
Athens to Athens Airport 55 euro (night charge)
But, all the above charges are exist Only in case the transportation is From Athens Airport to Athens Center or From the Center of Athens to Airport. The area of the Center that the standard charging exists is named “daktilios” which is meaning the “Ring” of Athens Center.
Also, the above standard charges are concerning Only the Free taxis from the Taxi line of the airport or the Free taxis that you will stop on the streets of the City Center. Otherwise, if the pickup or drop off point is out of the Ring, you have to pay the charge by taximeter plus the extra as I have mentioned.
I understand that it is not easy to make a safe conclusion or to understand the cost of the routes you are interested in. That’s why, I provide pre booked private transfers with a fixed charge in order to know exactly how much money you will pay without any extra or hidden charge.
Because, I do not know where you want to go or where you want to guide you, on the pages TRANSFERS and TOURS provide you the most popular destinations with all the useful details and the “AVAILABILITY FORM” in order to fill in your details and to get my offer. With this way I will know exactly what you are looking for.
If you do not see your destination at those pages, you do not hesitate to CONTACT me directly and I will let you know in detail about availability, prices, booking and payment way. I'm very sure the results will satisfy you perfectly.
The pre booking is the safest way to know exactly how much you will pay for the trip that you are interested in. It's the only way to get support by a professional driver that you have selected, to arrive on the right time, to the right place and that you will pay only the amount that you have agreed to.
If you will proceed with my taxi reservation you will secure at least three things:
a) You know that you hire an original, professional licensed driver with his own official vehicle with insurance for passengers.
b) No one can cheat you or ask for additional money for "hidden" charges. If you require extra services then...only then there will be an extra charge.
c) You will not have the risk to lose your things (mobiles phones, cameras, wallets) in my vehicle.
d) The service is private and you don’t need to worry If I will pickup other passengers that you don’t know.
This is achieved by contacting me. During our CONTACT you will be informed about my services, cost, payment methods and availability.
Respecting the privacy of my clients, my business applies all the usual trading methods to serve the passenger. My purpose is to feel confident about the hire and safe way of payment.
In my attempt tο make you feel safe with me, I usually choose the cash for a basic payment method with a payment in advance about 10-20% so I can secure that you definitely interesting in book my services.
Many times during in the year I offer special discounts with specific payment methods depending on the period of booking and the period that you want to support you. In any case, you can choose the way you want to pay before you proceed to the booking of the vehicle. If you want to change the way of payment within the offer, you just have to ask of me.
So, it is clear that my service is compatible with all the payment ways as follows:
CASH is the classic way to pay by cash when you receive the product. Therefore, when you receive my offer, you will have to accept such a transaction so that you can pay in cash when I will complete my services.
CREDIT or DEBIT CARD is the usual way of trading so you do not need to keep cash. You pay bills depending on the terms of the agreement of the bank you are cooperating.
BANK ACCOUNT is really a very secure transaction, you require from the bank you cooperating to transfer the amount you have selected to my bank business account, you manage the transaction.
On PRIVACY POLICY page there is general information about the bookings and the correct policy for secure transactions.
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