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Athens Taxi Driver
Athens Minivan

Athens Minivan

> Description
Athens Minivan, Taxi Van in Athens 24/7 for private or professional passenger transport. Aimed at groups or families up to 7 people with 7 luggage maximum depending on their volume. For a larger number of passengers or luggage, recommend the MINIBUS. The Taxi Van of Athens does not lag behind the other categories of vehicles. It has a high level of active and passive safety; it is fast and flexible with easy access to both ports and private marinas and the narrow alleys of Athens. Practical and at the same time comfortable with high quality construction and in combination with the experienced driver is ready to lead you to moments of enjoyment for your transport from ATHENS AIRPORT TO ATHENS, from ATHENS AIRPORT TO PIRAEUS, from PIRAEUS TO ATHENS AIRPORT or any ATHENS TRANSFERS to any destination in Greece. Athens Minivan Taxi is able to offer you ATHENS PRIVATE TOURS and from Athens to any destination you choose all over Greece. CONTACT me about the availability and make a reservation in advance regarding your itinerary in great prices with SPECIAL OFFERS.
13, Feakon str, P. Faliro,
P.C. 17563, Athens-Greece
Τ: (+30) 6909444888

09:00 - 21:00
09:00 - 15:00
Sunday closed
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