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10 / 09 / 2019

Uber in Athens

UBER in Athens?
Are you looking for UBER in Athens? Are you looking if UBER support clients in Athens Greece by Taxi? It is necessary to spend a few minutes to see the warnings below before you start searching for Uber in Athens. This article targets to offer our guests very important information about the private transportations in Athens by taxi or about the companies rent a car with driver generally in Greece.
Greece is a Top tourist destination and every year millions of travelers visit it for their vacation or business reasons. All the travelers need public or private transportation to go to their selected destination into the country. There are 3 ways to book a private passenger transport services in Athens/Greece:
1. Book a Normal Taxi,
2. Hire a Car with Driver (Chauffeur Service by Sedan or Minivan),
3. Hire a Touristic Minibus or Bus.
Εach service has its own characteristics and peculiarities. It is at the discretion of each interested passenger / customer the style in which he wants to be transported and of course the money he has to spend on each route. For hiring private services, you will need to contact with the professional driver by phone or through his website. So, some companies of abroad realized the needs of the travelers for private taxi or driver services in Greece and wanted to take advantage of this fact by creating electronic platforms where they promote such services in Greece. So, these companies provide an online booking system that you hire and pay for a service without knowing more useful details. But the important question is... what is the right choice? Who company provides legal services and insurance?
What to avoid before booking a taxi in Athens? What to avoid before renting a car with a driver in Athens or in Greece in general?
At first glance it is not easy to distinguish the legal from the illegal. Maybe you like the business website, maybe your friends recommended it to you or maybe you read some reviews. However, this does not mean that any business that is promoted is also legal.
The Greek state has already enacted new legislation about the on online bookings in order to protect the local companies, customers and travelers moving to Greece. Under the new Greek law, any kind of company that provides passenger transport services or rental private Car with driver to operate legally in Greece must meet some very serious conditions such as:
1. The business headquarters must be in Greece,
2. Own an official Greek VAT Registration,
3. Be officially certified by the Hellenic National Tourist Organization (it is named EOT) or certified by the Hellenic Transport Ministry according the business activity (taxi or ombudsman service),
4. Own or lease vehicles with Greek number plates,
5. Be composed of certified Professional drivers from the Hellenic Transport Ministry,
6. Offer travel insurance for the passengers whom they transfer (liability insurance, not only for accidents).
Answering the initial question, we must say that Uber uses an application for Taxi and a second one to rent a private car with a driver called Uber X, but it stopped operating in Greece a few months ago for all the above reasons. They could not operate legally. Unfortunately, the phenomenon did not stop with other foreign companies. There are still some foreign companies based in foreign countries that do illegal activities in Greece but deceive their customers because they do not have legal requirements. There are also companies and individuals that offer accommodation in Airbnb apartments, but they try to drive their customers in illegal pirated cars without insurance. There are illegal companies that offer a car with a driver for day trips from Athens throughout Greece.
Do you know that those companies expose passengers to many risks?
You must beware of illegal activities with “pirate” or "black" cars, illegal drivers, no travelling insurance coverage for passengers etc. Do not try to negotiate or book any transportation service before you will be sure that the transportation company is certified by the State. In any case, the illegal drivers and passengers are equally responsible based on the Greek and European legislation.
Did you see “strange” suspicious or bad reviews?
Some of those illegal companies, time to time choice other popular platforms (like TripAdvisor.com etc.) to post fake bad reviews against legal local competitors, to mislead the unsuspecting customers and keep them away from local official websites by taxis.
Do you understand that if you book car with a driver from those e-platforms you are part of this huge problem?
Most illegal companies offer taxi service in low prices to fool the customers. So, the clients see only the low charges and accept the economical offer, but they do not see the risks and the huge mistake. Some of these "popular" illegal platforms that provide electronic services without legal requirements from the official Greek state are: GET TRANSFER, BOOKING.COM, WELLCOME PICKUP, MY DAY TRIP, PROFI DRIVER, KIWITAXI, AIRBNB CARS, etc.
Warning the companies through internet
Beware and think about it before you book taxi in Athens or a cheap car service with a driver in Greece. Do you need any extra info? Do not hesitate to contact with me to get more information.Do you need a legal Taxi in Athens? Do you need legal Car with Chauffeur? Visit the page HOME choosing to use the services of a truly legitimate local company.
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